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Bart meets bard: ‘MacHomer’ merges ‘MacBeth’ with ‘The Simpsons’

Rick Miller was playing Murderer Number Two in a production of “Macbeth” in Montreal in the mid-’90s when he started hearing Barney the barfly from “The Simpsons” in the voice of the actor playing Macduff. Miller thought: “Hmmm, now Homer would be an interesting Macbeth.” …he put together a 10-minute sketch with hand puppets. That led to a stand-up gig at the “fringe” theater festival in Montreal a year later, where his show became an instant hit. This led to a more elaborate, 70-minute, visual effects-laden touring show, which will play Friday night at the Quick Center in Fairfield University.

Published in Hartford Courant Courant.com on 10/23/09

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