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Director Springs New Ideas on Fairfield U. Students for the Absurdist Dead Man’s Cell Phone

PepsiCo Theatre, Fairfield University, 1037 N. Benson Road,  Fairfield.  Dead Man’s Cell Phone opens in a cafe with the cell phone of a lifeless patron incessantly ringing. A female patron, Jean, gets fed up with the noise, answers the phone, and gets sucked into the deceased man’s world. According to Jeffrey Allen, who is directing the Fairfield University production of the play, Jean then “transforms this world and makes it a different place.” The play, which was written by Sarah Ruhl in 2007, features quite a bit of dark humor. Casey Grambo, who plays Jean, says, “There are moments when awful people are very funny, but they’re still awful people.” … One bizarre circumstance for the student-actors was finding out they were to be active in the creation of the entire show.

Published in Fairfield Weekly on 4/5/11

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