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Climate change: Picturing the science

Last night at the Westport Public Library, David Downie, Professor of Environmental Studies at Fairfield University, hosted a lecture featuring Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe, co-authors of Climate Change: Picturing the Science. Schmidt is a climatologist for the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Wolfe is a freelance photojournalist. Together, they portrayed the visible effects of environmental damage specifically as a result of greenhouse gases. Drought. Fires. Severe storms. Shrinking glaciers and a rising water table. A dried up Lake Chad and a drying out Colorado River. Scary scenes of what has already taken place and what we already cannot change. “The science debate should be over,” said Downie of whether or not to believe that there is global warming. “This is now down to political will. This is about policy change.”

Published in Moffly Media – The Best of Fairfield County Living in September 2011

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