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Fairfield University School of Nursing student interviewed by the BCC

Fairfield University School of Nursing student Letícia Moura was interviewed by the BBC about studying nursing at Fairfield as part of Brazil’s ‘Science Without Borders’ program. With the help of the Institute of International Education, the program is enabling students such as Ms. Moura to benefit from a top-notch education in the United States and meet Brazil’s growing need for skilled healthcare professionals. Ms. Moura, 22, who is from northern Brazil, spoke about the high level of education she is receiving at the School of Nursing, noting its “awesome” faculty, and the technically advanced Robin Kanarek ’96 Learning Resource Center and simulation labs, as well as the camaraderie she has with her fellow nursing students. The interview took place in the Learning Resource Center and the DiMenna-Nyselius Library. The segment also aired on the BBC in parts of Western Europe.

Appeared on BBC America, BBC News Portugal on 4/10/12

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