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Nature vs. GMO: Sides face off over genetically modified food

Dolan School of Business faculty member Dr. Debra Strauss was quoted in this recent article: “I think it’s a while-you-were-sleeping story, and when consumers become more widely aware (of GMO content), they become more concerned,” said Debra Strauss, a law professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut, who has studied legal issues relating to food safety and GMO for more than 20 years. “The fact that American consumers don’t know doesn’t mean they don’t want to know.” That’s slowly changing as GMO labeling laws were introduced in 26 states this year, according to the Center for Food Safety. Proposed bills in the Florida House of Representatives and Senate died in committee earlier this year. Only Maine and Connecticut have passed laws requiring food labels disclose GMO ingredients, Strauss said, but both laws state the requirement won’t go into effect until other states in the region adopt similar laws. That was to prevent food companies from red-lining both states. There are no federal laws requiring GMO labeling, she added.

Published in The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida) on 9/2/13

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